There are three key aspects of the award phase:

1. Receiving Notice of Grant Award

As the official point of contact for funding agencies, the Department of Grants Development and Administration is typically the first to receive the Notice of Grant Award (NOGA). If the PD or other college contact receives the NOGA, the original award letter and all award documentation should be forwarded to the GDA department.

The TSC Board of Trustees must approval all NOGAs (see box on page 10). In addition, if purchases over $25,000 will be made with grant funding, PDs should consider submitting an Agenda Request Form (AFR) to request permission for the required competitive process at the same time as the ARF for the NOGA.

2. Obtaining Internal Approval to Accept Grant Award

It is not unusual to have a negotiation period following NOGA. The funder may want clarification of proposed activities or may only be able to fund a portion of the original request, in which case the college must decide if it can accomplish the objectives set forth in the proposal

3. Submitting fully executed contract to grant-making agency

Once the GDA Department staff has ensured all internal and external stakeholders have approved of the final terms, they will submit the final contract.

TSC Board of Trustees Approval Process

Q: When is TSC Board approval required during the pre-award phase?

A: When a grant proposals requires matching funds or When a grantmaker requires a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or other formal inter-agency agreement is submitted with the proposal

Q: When is TSC Board approval required during the award or post-award phase?

A: All Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) correspondence, memorandums of understanding, interlocal agreements, data sharing forms, contracts, and amendments to such require board approval.

Q: When do grant purchases require TSC Board approval?

A: All purchases using grant funding follow the same TSC approvals process with one addition—grant requisitions must be routed through the GDA department to ensure the expense is allowable under the grant guidelines. Purchases over $25,000 require TSC Board approval.

Q: What is the process for seeking TSC Board approval?

A: The GDA office will draft an Agenda Request Form (ARF) for review by the appropriate division Vice President (or designee) and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Community Development. Once approved by both divisions, GDA will submit the ARF to the President’s Office.

Board Approval Timeline – The following guide is approximate. Dates may vary based on holidays, semester schedules, or board scheduling.

  • ARFs due: Typically the first Wednesday of the month at noon
  • TSC Committee reviews agenda item: Typically the second week of the month
  • Full Board takes action on the agenda item: Typically the 3rd Thursday of the month
  • President’s Office sends notification of authorization: 1-2 days following the Board meeting

Key takeaway: If TSC Board approval is required, plan for an additional month prior to submission for pre-award, or for further action in the award or post-award phases.

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