TSC Campus Carry Timeline

** DRAFT **

  • August 2016
    College Interim President forms Campus Carry Committee
    Committee Members selected to include Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • September 2016
    TSC sends invitations to UTRGV Campus Carry Working Group
    TSC Core Committee Members meet w/ UTRGV representatives
    Meeting invitations sent to TSC Campus Carry Committee Members
  • October 2016
    Priority gun prohibition signage installed at the ITECC, Recreation, and Child Care
    System-wide Committee Members organized and convened
  • December 2016
    Committee submits preliminary campus plans to Board of Trustees
  • January 2017
    Interim recommendations report is posted on the TSC website
  • February 2017
    Two open forums are open in order for campus stakeholders in order to both be heard, and have their concerns addressed.
  • March 2017
    Campus Carry Policy is drafted and submitted to Board of Trustees
  • May 2017
    TSC convenes as implementation working group to develop a comprehensive campus public information and education campaign, employee/faculty training program(s) and web-site information on TSC rules, policies, law, etc.
  • June 2017
    TSC Board of Trustees Meeting: Review and possible action regarding TSC campus carry rules, regulations, and provisions
  • July 2017
    The proposed policies and procedures were reviewed by the Interim President of the college for submission to the Board. The Board of Trustees considered and accepted the policies and procedures proposed.
  • August 2017
    Law takes effect, final policy is posted on the TSC webpage
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