Online Courses and Orientation

Online Learning Courses are those in which the majority (50% or more) of the instruction takes place online. The objectives and content of Online Learning Courses are the same as those offered in a traditional classroom setting. Although these courses allow students flexibility, they require a great deal of self-discipline and self-motivation. Students must have effective time management skills and be able to allocate sufficient time to complete the required coursework.

Some Online Courses may require specific software and/or hardware. To access Online Courses from off-campus sites, a student must have access to a computer with a broadband Internet connectivity that can stream video and audio. Please visit the IT Help Desk – Canvas Computer Requirements webpage for additional information.

Online Courses utilize the same learning management system as our face-to-face courses called Canvas. Canvas provides faculty and students with access to online course content, discussion forums, journals, online tutoring, chat, and live web conferencing. This system allows students to interact with their instructor and fellow classmates using a variety of tools. In the course schedule, Online Course section numbers are identified with a "V".

Some Online Courses may have mandatory face-to-face sessions, such as proctored tests, orientation, review, and laboratory, which total no more than 15% of the instructional time. For course specific requirements, students should review the respective course syllabus. Note: If an online course requires a proctored exam and the student chooses to take the exam at an approved off-site testing center, the student may incur a fee.

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