Governor’s Summer Camps

Governor-Summer-CampThe purpose of the Summer Camps at Texas Southmost College is to improve high school students’ familiarity and experience with our two-year institution while providing a unique week-long experience designed to promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers.

Five summer day camps will offer a rich curriculum consisting of lectures, field trips to local industries and healthcare facilities, including labs and hands-on activities that promote collaboration in an engaging and stimulating environment. 

Summer 2018 Dates

No camps will be held this summer because TSC was not awarded funding. Please check back for Summer 2019.

Employment Opportunity

The Governor's Summer Camps are looking for enthusiastic people who enjoy working with incoming 9th – 11th grade students. Positions for Summer Camp Instructors and Mentors are open. Learn more >> 

Camp Descriptions:

Closing The Gaps: A Summer Institute To Foster Women Scientists And Engineers

Closing the GAPS (Girls Aren’t Pursuing Science): A Summer Institute to Foster Women Scientists and Engineers will provide young female students with a unique week-long experience designed to promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Additionally, this week-long institute will help students overcome negative attitudes and perceptions they are likely to have based on cultural, social, and other barriers many women in STEM careers face every day. This Summer Institute is open to female students entering 9th – 11th grades.  Learn More >>

Anatomy And Physiology Summer Camp

The Anatomy and Physiology summer day camp is designed to stimulate interest and confidence in human anatomy and physiology. Students will engage in hands-on laboratory activities, such as building a human body with clay, learning cause and effect of diseases, as well as form and function of the human body. Students will utilize visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities that facilitate learning and long-term knowledge retention capabilities. By using real-life case studies with common diseases in the region, the camp will stimulate interest in STEM and health related fields. This summer camp is open to male and female students entering 9th-11th grades. Learn More >>

Science Of Mechanical Applications And Related Technology (Smart) Summer Camp

In the Science of Mechanical Applications and Related Technology (SMART) summer day camp, students will learn and understand mechanical engineering principles by building models of mechanical systems.  Students will then be able to visualize those principles in technical applications by recognizing their use in devices found in manufacturing plants, construction equipment, transportation systems and robotics. This summer camp is open to male students entering 9th  – 11th grades.  Learn More >>

Neuroscience Institute: A Summer Institute To Foster Latino Medical Scientists And Biomedical Engineers

A Summer Institute to Foster Latino Medical Scientists and Biomedical Engineers will involve hands-on experiments which include recording electrical activity in muscles and neurons, conduction velocity of different types of neurons, investigating the effects of temperature and oxygen levels on neurons, as well as reaction time and fatigue in humans. These activities are consistent with STEM careers, such as Biomedical Engineering, Medical Sciences, Biochemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology. This summer institute is open to male and female students entering 9th-11th grades. Learn More >>

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