Valley Regional Medical Center Orientation

Instructions for Valley Regional Medical Center Orientation

  1. Please Print the Handbook. Statement of Responsibility and HIPPA Statement (Exhibits A and B) and the exam. Please sign Exhibit A and B. View HIPPA presentation.
  2. Bring signed documents, exam and handbook to VRMC Orientation.
  3. All students going to VRMC will be required to show proof of clinical compliance. This will be taken care of by the Allied Health and Nursing.
  4. All students will be required to obtain a student ID badge from VRMC. The cost is 5$. This will occur at VRMC orientation. The badge must be returned at the end of clinical rotation. Money will be refunded at that time.
  5. Any student not in compliance with the above requirements will not be allowed to continue in clinical.
Last Updated on Thursday, 17 November 2016 14:28