Essential Functions

The essential functions established by the Medical Laboratory Technology program must be accomplished by students in the program. Essential functions include requirements that enable students to engage in educational and training activities in such a way that they will not be endangered, nor will they endanger other students, hospital staff, patients or the public.

Vision Accuracy — The student must be able to read charts and graphs, read instrument scales, discriminate colors, read microscopic materials and record results.

Clear Communication — The student must be able to communicate effectively and sensitively in order to assess non-verbal communication and be able to adequately transmit information to the patient and to all members of the health-care team.

Fine Motor Function — The student must have all the skills necessary to safely and accurately perform all the diagnostic procedures, manipulate tools, instruments, and equipment. Students must be able to perform phlebotomies safely and accurately.

Psychological Stability — The student must have the emotional health required for full utilization of his or her intellectual abilities. Students must be able to recognize emergency situations and take appropriate action.

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