What is a QEP? Why is it important?

Every decade, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) requires its members to go through a process called reaffirmation. As part of the reaffirmation process, SACSCOC requires colleges and universities to have a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The goal of the QEP is to focus on improving student learning and/or student success. According to the Resource Manual for The Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement (2018), the QEP is a five-year project that must incorporate the following five components:

  • A topic identified through... ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes
  • Broad-based support of institutional constituencies
  • Focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and /or student success
  • Commits resources to initiate, implement, and complete the QEP
  • Includes a plan to assess achievement

What is TSC's QEP topic?

Learning to Bloom aims to increase student metacognitive awareness through instruction on Bloom's Taxonomy and by giving students the opportunity to practice Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluating (PME) strategies in their course(s). The expected outcome is to increase students' metacognitive awareness by 3% in the areas: Procedural Knowledge, Declarative Knowledge, Conditional Knowledge, Information Management Strategies, Debugging Strategies, Planning, Comprehension, and Monitoring. The QEP topic identification and selection were informed by institutional data.

Learning to Bloom outcomes are:

  1. Increase student metacognitive awareness by 3%
  2. Increase persistence rates from Fall to Spring and Fall to Fall
  3. Increase passing rates
  4. Increase graduation rates
  5. Increase Student Learning Outcome (SLO) proficiency in course signature assignments

How was Learning to Bloom selected?

Learning to Bloom was cultivated out of TSC's strategic planning, operational planning, as well as institutional data. To help narrow down the list of potential topics, a QEP Topic Selection Committee was created to analyze the data and put forth a recommendation to the President's Executive Cabinet. In addition to considering the data when identifying potential topics, the Topic Selection Committee also received input from various constituents (faculty, students, administrative leadership). Based on the data and feedback from stakeholders, the QEP Topic Selection Committee recommended the QEP topic "Metacognitive Awareness" which was approved by the Executive cabinet and later named by the Student Government Association, Learning to Bloom.

QEP Director:
Dr. Daniel E. Gonzalez
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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